How Many Resurrections Are There?

How many resurrections are there.
The last book in the holy Bible mentions only one complete resurrection. What I mean by complete resurrection is when Christ resurrects all the dead and living, which is called the white throne judgment in chapter 20:8 of Revelation.

The holy scriptures do mention several partial resurrections. What I mean by partial is when Jesus Christ resurrects those in paradise (the spirit world of rest and peace for Christians).
Only after Jesus resurrected to the throne of God, he came back and resurrected the Old Testament saints in paradise.

 The bible also says at this time he went and preached to the spirits that had been disobedient in the days of Noah.
He went to preach to those souls who perished in the flood, because the bible says where there is no law the people are blameless, and since the 10 commandments and the law came several hundred years after the flood, Christ gave the souls who perished in the flood who were in hell at the time, another opportunity to repent. So they could also be saved. What a merciful and compassionate God.
This resurrecting of the Old Testament saints and the spirits in prison that repented would have been the 1st partial resurrection of those in paradise. 25 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.

The 2nd partial resurrection of those in paradise would have been of the 12 apostles and all those martyred for Christ from the time Jesus Christ resurrected in 33 a.d. to right before 1290 a.d. right before the dragon was kicked out of heaven.( See flyer titled “ when were the 12 apostles resurrected” )
The 3rd partial resurrection is the 7th trumpet in which we await. All who died for Christ, from 1290 a.d. until Christ comes; including those who are alive in Christ at his coming will be resurrected. The rest of the dead will not come back to life until the white throne judgment.
See the Lord Jesus has made provisions for us when we leave this planet. (See flyer titled “where do we go when we leave this planet”)

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